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Marshall Jefferson

Marshall Jefferson

Sometimes referred to as the daddy of house music, Chief Executive was originally a record producer within the Universal Recording Studios in Chicago, wherever he met the owner of Trax Records, Larry Sherman. Jefferson's 1986 single for Trax, "Move Your Body (The House-Music Anthem)," the primary house song to use piano,[3] was a preferred and cogent song within the genre. throughout the late-1980s peak of house music he recorded solo and cooperative material beneath varied names like Virgo, Jungle Wonz, Truth, and On The House. Jefferson's deep house productions embody songs by CeCe Rogers and Sterling Void, and 10 City's initial 2 albums.[2] In March 1987, a people music magazine NME according that Chief Executive and Frankie Knuckles were within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland for the primary house-music tour.

"Move Your Body" appeared within the game grand larceny Auto: San Andreas, taking part in on house-music station SF-UR. This song conjointly appeared in Michael Winterbottom's film twenty four Hour Party folks and within the 1991 pic Paris is Burning.


Jefferson took an opening from music in 1990, then came to DJing in 1993. He affected to European country and lived during a settlement known as Billericay in county close to London wherever he had a five-year residency with the social group Gathering and large Love events.

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