Doctor Livingstone (2) - Triumphus Haeretici (CD ALBUM)

Doctor Livingstone (2) - Triumphus Haeretici (CD ALBUM)

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Format:CD, Album
Released Date:2017
Style:Black Metal, Hardcore, Experimental
No. Of Discs:1
Label:Osmose Productions
Catalog Number:OPCD322


  1. Codex Haeretici

  2. Lux Delenda Est

  3. Dancing With Horses

  4. Give Them Tragedies

  5. Opus Magnum

  6. ASMD

  7. Untitled

  8. The Muck Of The Land

  9. Fuck You With A View

  10. Peisithanatos

  11. The Grand Finale (Fin De L'Ordre)

  12. I'll Have Some More Apple Pie Please

  13. Messiahs And Pariahs

  14. A Little Something For You

  15. Egregore