Kristofer ?Östr??m - An Introduction To (CD ALBUM)

Kristofer ?Östr??m - An Introduction To (CD ALBUM)

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Format:CD, Comp
Released Date:2013
Genre:Pop, Folk, World, & Country
No. Of Discs:1
Label:Tapete Records
Catalog Number:TR 274


  1. Leaving Song

  2. Conjure Me

  3. The Wild

  4. All Lovers Hell (Single version)

  5. Twentyseven

  6. Is It Really Over?

  7. One Good Moment

  8. Just A Little Insane

  9. How Come Your Arms Are Not Around Me

  10. What I Came Here For

  11. Just Another Lovesong

  12. The Good You Bring

  13. The Old Man's Meadow

  14. Queen Of Sorrow

  15. When Her Eyes Turn Blue

  16. Yeah, Oh That's Nice

  17. Come Summer (Come Standing Outside Your Door)

  18. Strong & Tall

  19. Defender