Ondskapt - D??dens Evangelium (CD ALBUM)

Ondskapt - D??dens Evangelium (CD ALBUM)

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Format:CD, Album, RE, Dig
Released Date:2011
Style:Black Metal
No. Of Discs:1
Label:Osmose Productions
Catalog Number:OPCD 245


  1. Djävulens Ande

  2. Feeding The Flames

  3. Revelations Of Another Time

  4. Lord Of All Unclean Spirits

  5. Akilkarsa

  6. I Kristi Skugga

  7. Fienden Hungrar

  8. Interlude

  9. The Fires Of Hell

  10. Blessed By Demoniac Wrath

  11. Beast Of Death

  12. Witch