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Format: BOOK
Released Date: 10.10.2006
Genre: Rock, Non-Music
Style: Punk, Spoken Word
No. Of Discs: 1
Label: Hopeless
Catalog Number: HR6880 PS


  1. Chapter One: Introductions

  2. Chapter Two: The Extinct

  3. Chapter Three: Humble Beginnings

  4. Countdown

  5. Protect 'n' Serve

  6. Chapter Four: The LCC Sessions

  7. ADD

  8. Chapter Five: The Rules Of The Road

  9. Chapter Six: The Chainsaw Era

  10. So This Is Freedom?

  11. No Evacuation

  12. Chapter Seven: The “So This Is Freedom?” Sessions

  13. Don't Look Back

  14. Chapter Eight: East Coast Attack!

  15. Chapter Nine: East Coast Attack! - Part 2

  16. Chapter Ten: More Touring: The States And Beyond

  17. Chapter Eleven: Getting Our Act Together

  18. Chapter Twelve: The Unseen Dropkick Europe

  19. Chapter Twelve: The Unseen Dropkick Europe (Continued)

  20. Chapter Thirteen: Full Time “Musicians”

  21. Chapter Fourteen: The Tour From Hell

  22. Chapter Fifteen: The Tour From Hell - Part 2

  23. Chapter Sixteen: The Tour From Hell - Part 3 (This Time It’s Personal)

  24. Chapter Seventeen: Conclusion