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Format: CD ALBUM
Released Date: 3.3.2017
Genre: Classical
Style: Baroque, Oratorio
No. Of Discs: 2
Catalog Number: SIGCD209 PS


  1. 39:55

  2. Sire, Lord And Master (Chorus)

  3. Jesus Went With His Disciples (Recitative)

  4. Jesus Of Nazareth! (Chorus)

  5. Jesus Saith Unto Them (Recitative)

  6. Jesus Of Nazareth! (Chorus)

  7. Jesus Answered Them (Recitative)

  8. O Generous Love! (Chorale)

  9. So That The Word Might Be Fulfilled (Recitative)

  10. Thy Will Be Done, O God Of Love (Chorale)

  11. The Band Then, Together With The Captain (Recitative)

  12. To Release Me From This Prison (Contralto Aria)

  13. Simon Peter Also Followed (Recitative)

  14. I'll Follow Thee Also (Soprano Aria)

  15. Now That Same Disciple (Recitative)

  16. Ah, Who Would Dare To Smite Thee? (Chorale)

  17. Now Annas Sent Him Bound (Recitative)

  18. Art Thou Not One Of His Disciples? (Recitative)

  19. He Denied It And Said (Recitative)

  20. Ah! Take Flight Away From Human Sight (Tenor Aria)

  21. Peter, Who Denied His Lord (Chorale)

  22. 22:50

  23. Christ, Who Gave Us Life And Light (Chorale)

  24. Then Led They Jesus (Recitative)

  25. If This Man Were Not A Malefactor (Chorus)

  26. Then Pilate Said Unto Them (Recitative)

  27. By Law We Cannot Kill Him (Chorus)

  28. That The Saying Of Jesus Might Be Fulfilled (Recitative)

  29. Ah, King Of Heaven (Chorale)

  30. And Pilate Said Unto Him (Recitative)

  31. Not This Man Here, But Barrabas! (Chorus)

  32. Now Barabbas Was A Robber (Recitative)

  33. Look Yonder, O My Soul (Bass Arioso)

  34. Consider, How His Body (Tenor Aria)

  35. 67:40

  36. And When The Soldiers (Recitative)

  37. See, We Greet Thee (Chorus)

  38. And They Smote Him (Recitative)

  39. Crucify Him! (Chorus)

  40. And Pilate Said To Them (Recitative)

  41. We Have An Ancient Law (Chorus)

  42. And When Pilate Heard That Saying (Recitative)

  43. Thy Bonds, O Christ, Have Set Us Free (Chorale)

  44. But The Jews Cried Out And Said (Recitative)

  45. If Thou Lettest This Man Go (Chorus)

  46. And When Pilate Heard That Saying (Recitative)

  47. 'Way! 'Way With Him! (Chorus)

  48. Pilate Saith Unto Him (Recitative)

  49. We Have No King But Caesar (Chorus)

  50. Then Delivered He Him (Recitative)

  51. Haste, Ye Souls (Bass Aria With Chorus)

  52. And There Crucified They Him (Recitative)

  53. Write Thou Not 'The King Of Jewry' (Chorus)

  54. But Pilate Made Answer (Recitative)

  55. Within My Heart, O Saviour (Chorale)

  56. And Then Did The Soldiers (Recitative)

  57. Let Us Therefore Not Divide It (Chorus)

  58. So That The Scripture Might Be Fulfilled (Recitative)

  59. When His Life Had Reached Its End (Chorale)

  60. And From That Hour (Recitative)

  61. The End Is Nigh! (Contralto Aria)

  62. And He Bowed His Head (Recitative)

  63. My Dearest Saviour (Bass Aria With Chorale)

  64. And Then, Behold (Recitative)

  65. My Heart, Behold How All The World (Tenor Arioso)

  66. With Torrents Of Weeping (Soprano Aria)

  67. The Jews, Therefore (Recitative)

  68. Help Us, Son Of God Most High (Chorale)

  69. And After This, Joseph Of Arimathea (Recitative)

  70. Farewell, O Broken, Weary Body (Chorus)

  71. Lord Jesus, When We Come To Die (Chorale)