ME REX - Megabear (LP, Album, Blu)
ME REX - Megabear (LP, Album, Blu)

ME REX - Megabear (LP, Album, Blu)

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Label:Big Scary Monsters ‎– BSM 301
Format:Vinyl, LP, Album, Blue Moon
Released:Aug 2021

Media: Mint (M)
Sleeve: Mint (M)

Track list

A1 Krypton
A2 The King Of Drowning
A3 Argon
A4 Saturn Dragon And Child
A5 The Shape Of Our Container
A6 For Transmutation
A7 Lead
A8 Peck
A9 Evacuation
A10 Ursa Major
A11 Wandle
A12 Pulled Apart
A13 Applewhite Iron Sulphide
A14 Nettles
A15 Silver Iodide
A16 Sun Rising Over The City
A17 Moon Rising
A18 Jupiter
A19 Putrefaction
A20 Weaving Clothes
A21 Tin
A22 Iron Oxide
A23 Iron Sulphide
A24 Iron Gated
A25 Sulphur And Mercury
A26 Split Egg In The Mirror
A27 Cod Liver Oil And Orange Juice
A28 Hydrogen
A29 Aion And Ficus
B1 Xenon
B2 Peckham Rye
B3 Burnt Oak
B4 Mercury Burns And Eats Itself
B5 Megabear
B6 The Weapons Of Artemis
B7 Hale's Comet
B8 Venus
B9 The Party Eating It's Own Tail
B10 Distillate
B11 Static And Splendour
B12 Oganesson
B13 Lapis Lazuli
B14 God Of Rain
B15 Crystal Palaces
B16 Royal Art
B17 Heaven's Gate
B18 Radon
B19 Ancient Ash
B20 Opus
B21 Reclaimed From The Water
B22 Helium
B23 Neon